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Update #11: Ability for users to remove their links from waiting list

Cristofor replied 11 months ago
Thank you! When I submit links, the links that I uploaded remain standing so I have to copy them and delete them from there manualy. They just don't dissapear as it should- now that this option is ava ...


Frank replied 1 year ago
On top, like in Features? There is no solid rule, what or how movies are added to there. Some movies might be flying under the radar and totally deserve being there, then there are some movies that do ...

How much is "temporary" ? I still cannot submit links?

Cristofor replied 1 year ago
Have you run our of electricity !?

Why did not my link go up?

frankiebadger replied 1 year ago
Hello, I am relatively new to this site as I have been battling cancer for the last 18 months and my online duties were passed off to my teammates. I am a former admin of primewire and was wondering i ...

About latest (24.01) downtime ....

Created 2 years ago
At 24.01 we had planned downtime. It was to fix some issues with server. When things comes about servers we don't have full control over them. We contact server provider about problem and they fix...

About downtime

Created 3 years ago
This morning we found out that site was down. This was something that was not caused by us. So we contacted right department and got it fixed. Mostly admins and moderators always here, but t...

Vodlocker and "file deleted" bug

Created 3 years ago
It seems that vodlocker sometimes show "File deleted" message, even tho it aint. Refresh (F5 or CTRL+R) few times (~5 times) and it goes away. If error message is still displayed, repor...

Welcome to our forum

Created 3 years ago
Hello,  Just wanted to welcome everyone to our forums and explain briefly about it. Now that forum is out and available to all users, some of you might counter bugs or missing features...

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