Update #4: Forum, Search changes, User page, Dynamic embedding, bug fixes
  • This update main focus was creating a forum.  We first tryed some free forum CMS that are out there, but it is kind of messy to combine our framwork with someone's others. We wanted to our forum be fully Integrated with main site, like having one session management/login, getting forum notifications where all your notifications are displayed or forum use main site user data. So we created our own forum, way we like, from zero. When traditional forums has this one table layout - like you first have to enter sub-forum and then you see topics in that sub-forum. We went little bit different layout - we have 2 table layout, where on left are categories a.k.a sub-forums and on right we have topics. When you have selected sub-forum, topics on right are being filtered. 

    When creating a topic, we wanted to give you as much tools as possible while leaving it simple, so we got all basic styling options for text: text alignment, font styles, font colors, list, links, images, tables, special characters and even spell checker. What you might need to know about images is that we don't allow uploading files into our servers (atleast for now).

    Replying to forum topics is basically writting comments and for that we are using comment system that we already have. For now comment system might not be fully bug free, but it should work enough and in near future commeting system gets upgrade/bug fixes.

    Idea of forum is to give users a way to discuss and be part of community. Some of you might have an idea what would you like to have in our site and so far you had no tool to communicate with us. Hopefully forum fills that cap.
  • Dynamic embedding - We noticed that not always be host online that we use for embedded windows. For few days vodlocker has been down and our embedded windows not working. Those why we came up with dynamic embedding. Administrator can set order of host that server will use for example: vodlocker>openload>vidbull. And when one host not working administrator can change that order like: openload>vidbull. In future we want to give user account ability to set their favorit host as embedded.
  • Added few more statuses to Requests, because having no links for upcoming movie and have no links for old rare movie are two different reasons. One will be added when links come, other might never be added. Request now got comments count icon, so that mods and users can see if there is any comments.
  • User pages also got little bit polish. New layout creates space for upcoming features. User menu (when you press your profile image in main navigation) has access to your forum posts
  • For moderating forum, user groups were created. We used to have 2 groups, admin or not. Now we have more of them and each with specific rights. Right now only purpose of these was to give moderators more control over forum, while keeping them away from administrative functions, that is only needed for developers.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • Movie preview (when you mouse over a post) is now in right place. Was off few pixels.
    • When submiting link for show, content of page wont flicker no more.
    • Fixed bug where in preview was not shown right year of movie.

PS! From now on, forum is going to replace devblog. Everything about updates is going to be posted into forum.

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Film 2019-08-22 20:48:30
Can you please change the vidlox.tv domain on vidlox to vidlox.me They told me that .tv is very old domain and theyre dropping it, and thats why they did not renewed the SSL certificate. It would be nice, if you can approve https://verystream.com. Its very similar to openload. Thanks.