Update #5: Simple fixes, Quality tags on posters.
  • Featured preview: Nothing special, just featured posters now have preview too(when you move mouse over poster). Just like movies and shows have.
  • Mobile design fixes: Movie/Show page look better in mobile devices than before. Poster and its tab/container properly now scales with width of device. Note: If you flip your device, vertical to horizontal or vice vera makes sure you refresh page to get proper embed video size.
  • Backend workflow changes: Changes that ease adding episodes to shows. Basically system now fills some of the fields for moderators when they add episodes, so that when 3rd part site request for information about episode comes back empty, we can use predicted info. Info that system now fills is simple ones like next episode number (based on what was latest episode nr and so on.
  • Favorite ebmedded host: Users can select their favorite host from allowed host as embedded. Piority of embedded host is this: User favorite>site default>all else. Idea of this is to allow users choose their favorite host. I prefer vodlocker, but because it has been giving error, I like now using Openload. You maybe don't like openload, so you can choose your own, lets say Vidbull. 
  • Quality Tag on posters: All Movie posters now have quality displayed on bottom right corner of the poster. Now that posters have quality displayed, we can add include cam/ts quality movies in featured sections.
  • Bug fixes
    • Show preview shows now correct year. It used to show always 2015.
    • Login fields got right names now.
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