Update #6: Schedule and Message System

This update is mostly focused on messaging

  • Messaging system: For now we have created very simple messaging system. Idea is to give users way to contact other users (or moderators). Especially it was needed for moderators so that they could contact publishers/linkers (those who add links). Time to time there are mistakes made when submitting links and mods had no option to contact with users. Now mods can tell publishers/linkers about mistake so that it would not happen again.

    You can access message system from account menu (menu that opens when you click on profile image on main navigation bar). When you got new message there is red tag showing how many unread messages you got, right after Message button, just like notifications have. To send a message you must go user page who you want to send message and under alias there is envelope icon. Clicking on that icon opens up message box where you can type your message and send it to user.

    PS: This does not work like chat room. You must refresh page to receive messages. We are planing to add "Constant Pulling" later in future to turn it into more like chat room or conversation.
  • Schedule: We now have schedule for TV shows. This data is being pulled from 3rd party software (software that is not ours), It might not be 100% true, but it is better than nothing. Most shows air between 20.00 - 23.00 at USA time (New York). So we created time zone converter for accounts, that converts show air time to your local time. To use this feature you must first set your time zone under account settings. There is drop down list of time zones. If you don't set your time zone, schedule will use New York time zone.
  • Minor fixes:
    • Comments box: enabled resize option for comment box. You can make comment or reply box bigger when you drag it from bottom right corner.
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