Update #7: Database optimizations and Multi link Adding for publishers

Our community is growing and so does data that goes through our database. Meaning that requests made to database become slower, because server have to handle more data. When you sorted movies by popularity, it took ~5,0 seconds to get data from database, now it takes only ~0,005 seconds.  Before, popularity was not pre-calculated and every time you sorted by this, server had to do calculations and when you have a lot of data to handle, the calculations became slower. Now every morning or evening server does its thing and calculates popularity for each movie. Now that popularity is pre-calculated, serve does not have to calculate it each time user sorts by it.

For Publishers:

  • Automatic Imdb code: When you submit links from user menu, you have to enter imdb code. To make thing easier and faster for publisher we have developed imdb code search. IMDB input field now also works as searchbox. When you write title instead of code, you will be displayed dropdown list of movies that was found. When you click movie from list, it will automaticly insert that movie imdb code into imdb code field.
  • Multi link Adding: (This works only for users with Publisher tag) Publishers can now submit multiple links with 1 submition. Each link must be on separated line. One you have submited, you will be displayed what links was submited and what was not. If you are tagged as publisher by moderators, then you can see from links input field that you can submit multiple links. Those who are tagged as publisher have orange tag under their username at their userpage.

    Why isnt it enable to everyone? First, we don't want new users that fully don't understand submition rules start to submit multiple links wrong way. Second, we want to reward those who have constantly been adding links, by make their life little bit easier and make them feel bit more superior that just user who created account hour ago.
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