Update #8: Sort by rating, Re-designed searching and bug fixes

This update is about making searching more accurate. Also we removed few bug from submitting links that allowed submit links even when there were enough links from that host.

  • Sort by iMDB rating: We have redesigned how server gets movie ratings. Old design used live ratings. Means everytime you opened movie, it pulled latest ratings. Thing is, if ratings server was slow or faulity, it slowed down our page and also there was no fast way to make query to our database to sort results by ratings. So, we came up with design that pulls ratings from ratings server and stores them to our database. This means we are now able to make fast queries to database, based on ratings. Only negative side is that these ratings our database might outdate over the time, but the outdate effect should be low enough to say that with new design we are gaining more than we are losing. 
  • New search engine: Biggest flaw of old search engine was that it was not able to find movies if you made simple typo in movie title, like missing word "The", "In" or didn't use " ' " in title like "Assassin's Creed". To old engine "Assassin's Creed" and "assassins creed" were two different things.

    New engine first search movie that user has written. If it doesn't find any movies with that title it starts to analyze what user has written and compares it to pre-saved data about movies. Each time if engine fails to find something it lowers search criteria, but eventually it will understand that thing you are looking for is not in database. Basically there are 3 levels of accuracy:
    1) Exactly what user has written.
    2) Everything not important removed from search key and movie titles. 
    3) Looks for movies that partially matches
  • Important bug fixes:
    • Removed bug that allowed to submit link from host that had already submitted. Rules say: 1 host per movie. It means if there is already link with estream.com then you can't submit link with same host (if it not better quality)
    • Some links (only few) where hidden, but still in database and when submission checked for host duplicate it triggered error: Too many links from same host. User was not able to see those hidden links, but system saw those.
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