Update #10: Search results improvement

This one is short and more of a adjustment to search engine and some other changes. This has been out for a while, just notes hasn't been written out.

  • Search: Before when you looked for Predator 2 (as example) and wrote only "Predator" into search field it only gave "Predator" move as an results, because this was closest match. Now results gets prioritized. Closest match are front and everything that matches somewhat will follow. Reason whe changed it to this way is because sometime we are lazy and don't bother writting full title.
  • Add more embedded: Wrote code that turns vidzi and vidoza links into embedded. They are prioritized after Openload. Submitting links as embedded wont turn them into embedded ones. It has to be written into code that "this" link need to formatted into "that".
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