User Submissions temporary disabled

Suddenly we were receiving more submissions than can be handled. Its starting to pile up and slowing everything down. We created more tools and made site smarter to ease approving, but its easier and faster to submit links than it is to check/create/approve links, so we temporary disabled link submission for everyone, except for few.

Higher-up told that they can't accept random people to moderator positions. Because you can't really tell if person want to become moderator to help out or become moderator so that he could accept own links first. Every now and then we receive messages where people ask to be moderators because they used to be moderator on some similar site. With current system, if you haven't worked us before you can't be accepted to moderators positions.

But more human power is needed to make approval system efficient. This why there is new system in development, what has been designed around linkers check and approve other linkers and users submissions. Linkers will get ability to check and approve others links, but when one starts to disapprove other links without valid reason, his right to approve links can be revoked by moderators.

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Cristofor 2018-05-09 15:48:53
Mr. and Mrs. and whomever in behind this post I have the following to say : I work for a living, not to much of interest for me to moderate submission links, I only upload; HOWEVER, if at desired request I maintain contact with a respected Primewire supermod that can for sure be of trust at least to assist on submission links . She is "in search of" or should I say searching for a similar job due to her abundant experience on such domain and heavy linking submission. If needed I can let her know a job is available (if available), even though I do not know how much trust I can give to this site BUt, so far, I have nothing to compain about. Cheers!
dethkids 2018-05-08 12:24:31
I guarantee the sudden increase in traffic is due to (or whichever Prime-dot-ag,dot-io & so on, you wish) temporarily (or not so temporarily, being shut down. That site had quite a cult following and I'm sure a grip of streamers and contributors of links feel an emptiness in there online soul now. Shoot, I know I do ! R.I.P. Primewire. Your Wire was cut too soon for all of us interweb streaming fools, Primewireans suffer a void & to all the Primoderators thank you for your service. P-wire you shall be missed.Reset In Peace.