Update #11: Ability for users to remove their links from waiting list
  • Ability for users to remove their links from waiting list: Users can now see their links that are in "Waiting for approval" list and they can remove those links. Like user told, they had no option to remove links if they mistakenly submitted wrong one, now they can. Other idea is that when you fill your quota and more important links comes available, you can free space submite those links. 
    ps: Click on quota number to see links that are in waiting list.
  • Embedded windows are no longer automatically loaded: Some of those embedded windows can have nasty ads or miners, so we made them manual. You now have to click that green button that then loads embedded window.
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Cristofor 2018-07-21 08:53:27
It is important to add this option because IMDB has the abitude of changing the title of the movie according to country region therefore, a user may find difficult or have no clue of the original name of the movie as released.
Cristofor 2018-07-21 08:50:54
SUGGESTION You can add normal search as IMDB code tt000000 etc. just in case people cannot find the movie using title search.
Cristofor 2018-07-21 07:00:57
Thank you! When I submit links, the links that I uploaded remain standing so I have to copy them and delete them from there manualy. They just don't dissapear as it should- now that this option is available. Can you make the links dissapear after uploading them?